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Transforming Your Tomorrow
Starting Today.

Solutions to meet your rapidly accelerating pace.

Future-ready digital transformation 

At each stage of digital business transformation, we know that you need to identify, drive and prove value quickly. We help you identify specific challenges and opportunities unique to your industry and business.

With epic's purpose-built proven solutions, we make sure you are equipped to respond to up-coming expectations and continue to scale as your business evolves.

Flitter The Ai Social Media Poster

Flitter is the culmination of many years of Ai development and social marketing expertise. Flitter is built for all users from expert social marketer to beginner. With Flitter you have the power to use Ai to create text and media content posts automatically. Then once approved Flitter will automate posting to your favorite social media sites automatically for you within seconds. 

Sustainable gardens

As we continue to grow and technology helps us work smarter, sustainability comes to mind. Epic is working to create one of the first self sustaining hydroponic gardens using Ai. By building a hydroponics unit with integrated sensors and on-board computing, this self sustaining system can grow plants using an Ai library. The mobile app gives the user a fun way to track and manage their garden from anywhere. 


Seamless User Experience

At epic we have developed an app that allows distributors worldwide to quote and sell commercial trucks faster and more accurately and make informed and accurate decisions based on real-time information.

The solution for selling commercial trucks faster and more accurately worldwide was to create an iPad application supported by an enterprise SAAS portal. The portal provides the manufacturer and distributor admins to keep all product options and accessories information and pricing up to date while allowing salespeople to configure and quote complicated sales in a matter of minutes and collect signed paperwork immediately. 


Over the years we have learned to build systems faster and better. With the apartment and hospitality maintenance market we exceeded expectations. The mobile app system epic created ties directly into the call center and support ticket system and allows maintenance crews nationwide to be able to handle issues faster while management tracks every detail. 


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